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Sew Stable (Fabric Stabilizer) 8.45 fl.oz.
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Sew Stable will stabilise fabric before machine embroidery.Eliminates the need for tear away backing


(Fabric Stabilizer)

Sew Stable will stabilise fabric before machine embroidery.

By stabilising the fabric with Sew Stable you will eliminate the need for a hoop

and stiffen the fabric so that it does not bunch up whilst you are embroidering.

Sew Stable washes out completely when the embroidery is completed.

Sew Stable stiffens the fabric just enough so that the needle can still penetrate the fabric easily but,

without the material puckering under the sewing machine foot.

Tear away backings usually pull the finished embroidery out of shape.

Prior treatment of the fabric with Sew Stable eliminates the need for tear away

backings and therefore eliminates the problem.

Ideal for light garments where a backing will show through the material .

Using Sew Stable will eliminate this problem.

Examples of machine embroidery using Helmar Sew Stable

can be found in the book

"Victorian Dreams" by Jenny Haskins.

Available Size: 8.45 fl.oz. Bottle Concentrate

Sew Stable 250ml

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